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Reader SX21 Specification
CII Report

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Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ is an innovative solution that secures IDs of products and people.  It provides increased supply chain security through real-time authentication and pedigree of product movement.

The nonClonableID™ technology addresses the crucial aspects of authentication, secure Track-n-Trace, and e-Pedigree with real-time solutions. These solutions are not only scalable and cost-effective, but can also be custom designed to address product- specific integrity challenges.

A comprehensive and foolproof authentication solution, the technology can also be deployed to protect assets and people by enhancing the security of identification credentials such as ID documents, payment cards and access cards.

This first-of-its-kind nonClonableID™ technology employs unique materials-based “fingerprints” that confer a unique identity that is prohibitively difficult to copy. This can be applied to cards, products and packaging. This identity is combined with a unique serial number and stored securely on a centralized database. Using a reader, the “fingerprint” and serial number are verified against the database entry and its authenticity confirmed. The architecture of the system enables real-time data analysis and feedback of information to the user.


nonClonableID™ Offering


SX21 Reader Manual