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Security Force Management


Security forces play an important role in maintaining law and order and ensuring smooth governance in a nation. With continuous instances of security breaches and threats, strengthening the integrity of security forces has become a priority. It is therefore important to deploy a foolproof authentication system that will provide efficient verification and management of personnel.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ provides a foolproof authentication system that helps to verify and identify security personnel in real-time scenarios. Our solutions provides nonClonableID™ ID cards that are foolproof and secure, thus preventing misuse and confirming the bearer’s credibility. Each nonClonableID™ tag has corresponding information stored in a secure server providing crucial data on duty timings and attendance records.

nonClonableID™ solution for Duty Management and Authorization of Security Forces

Duty Planning and Field Reporting event capture

  • Maintain the personnel duty roster for the day
  • Communicate Duty details viz. Location, Time etc.
  • Capture time of reporting at duty location
  • Monitor Planned v/s Actual variation in time of reporting (Exception reporting)

Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Identification and authentication of security personnel anytime, anywhere
  • Tamper-evident security prevents impersonation and misuse
  • Posting and location history of each personnel can be retrieved whenever required
  • Real-time notifications on a mobile or portal
  • Track and trace of cards is possible, ensuring that a misplaced card can be traced and retrieved.
  • Cost effective