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Embrace™ Compliance

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Clinicom Solution


The increasingly global nature of clinical trials presents significant challenges for pharmaceutical companies seeking to effectively manage the clinical supply chain. Establishing the authenticity of origin and pedigree of a drug in the clinical trial is a key challenge. Expiration date management, Returns, Reconciliation & Destruction management also pose a challenge.

Bilcare offers a comprehensive and holistic solution – Clinicom - through the implementation of its unique nonClonableID™ technology. 

Our solution not only helps significantly enhance medical compliance but also creates capability to monitor compliance on a real-time basis. It helps secure the pedigree of the clinical trial material globally across clinical sites and provides multiple business outcomes i.e. effective management of Returns, Reconciliation and Destruction.

The nonClonableID™ technology platform includes

  • Identification features - nonClonableID™ Nanotags™, Reading & Communicating device, Operating System, Portlets
  • Versions of mobile applications for users
  • Patient / stakeholder user subscriptions
  • Patient Information Services
  • Compliance reports to patients – Self-Service
  • Interface for the customer to update/ add trail-related inputs– Self-service
  • Compliance statistics - pre-defined / metered

Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Assists in Real-time connect between all stakeholders.
  • Supports accurate and right dispensation
  • Maintains patient diary for real-time observations
  • Maintains real-time medication compliance with history and alerts
  • Expiration date change management
  • Reconciliation and Destruction management
  • Significantly enhances quality of data collection
  • Can be integrated with IVR