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Globally, counterfeiting has plagued virtually every industry from luxury goods to aviation, food, automotive and pharmaceuticals. Counterfeiting poses a serious threat to the authenticity of documents, ID cards, drugs, automotive parts and of course the image of brands. This causes revenue losses besides jeopardizing national security and affecting the economy, and finally the health and safety of consumers.

The way to tackle this increasing problem is effective implementation of anti-counterfeiting technology. Current anti-counterfeiting technology options comprise a range of overt and covert measures which encompass product authentication and security. These technology options include serial numbers, Barcodes, Datamatrix and RFID for identification and Holograms, Biometric solutions, Watermarks and taggants for security.

These technologies have their own limitations at different levels and are not foolproof. As counterfeiters become more sophisticated, the security gaps in these technologies become open to exploitation.

Salient Features of Our Solution

nonClonableID™ Technology
Our nonClonableID™ system comprises of tags with a unique materials-based “fingerprint” that is prohibitively difficult to replicate. These can be seamlessly integrated into any supply chain system, and through the use of Bilcare’s reader, one can provide secure authentication of any product. The solution provides a comprehensive anti-counterfeiting solution that also enables secure Track-n-Trace, leading to e-Pedigree of the products across the supply chain – from manufacturer to consumer.

This technology innovatively exploits micro and nano-particulate materials together with their optical properties to provide a foolproof authentication solution.


nonClonableID™ Offering


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