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Document Security


Document security and integrity is absolutely essential for the effective governance and administration of daily business operations.

The risks associated with counterfeit documents are significant, both financially and legally. Further, with technological advancement, securing critical information and valuable documents has become a serious challenge. 

nonClonableID™ delivers an innovative security solution for protecting vital documents and critical information from counterfeiting, theft and fraud.

Critical documents that require foolproof protection include:

  • Passports, government bonds and classified documents
  • Driving licenses, vehicle registration and challan management
  • Health insurance cards
  • Education sector - mark sheets and certificates

Salient Features of Our Solution

Why nonClonableID™?
Conventional security solutions for documents use either holograms, micro-printing or watermarks but increasing instances of document counterfeiting have proved these methods vulnerable to misuse. Our solution prevents document counterfeiting by assigning them tamper-evident tags that use materials-based fingerprints which are unique and irreproducible (even by Bilcare) to differentiate and authenticate each document. This authentication can be done in real time right at the field with a hand held portable reader, thereby empowering the authorities to immediately differentiate between genuine and non-genuine documents.

Solution Offering

Our innovative document security solution is scalable, cost-effective and easy-to-integrate with any form of document. We provide software consulting, integration and client-centric services to ensure the smooth implementation of our solution.


Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Each document gets a unique tag, encrypting its origin and credentials.
  • As the tag is irreproducible, the document security is impregnable.
  • Documents are integrated to a powerful database to provide secure tracking capability.
  • Real-time authentication is achieved through custom-made readers.
  • Tamper-evident tags alert the recipient about any misuse.