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NREGA Management Solution


Since its launch in 2005, the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (NREGA) scheme has been plagued with problems such as corruption, funds leakage, under-utilization of funds, delayed / non-payment of wages.

Several violations of the Act at the village level are depriving the rural poor of the rights and entitlements provided by the NREG Act. The objectives of NREGA are lost due to inadequate mechanisms creating low accountability and lack of fear at the operational level.

There is a need for a comprehensive solution to provide end-to-end transparency and create systemic controls to ensure the effective implementation of NREGA objectives.

Bilcare’s NREGA Management Solution is based on this two-pronged approach.

Salient Features of Our Solution

The underlying concept of the Bilcare solution is to authenticate the nonClonableID™ job card (smart card) to verify with the person availing the NREGS benefits and entitlements.

  • Empower the rural poor with an Identity Card
  • Overcome the issue of faking job cards (through nonClonableID™ feature)
  • Entitlements and benefits provided through authentication
  • Capture authentication events and data online for tighter monitoring and auditing
  • Monitor authenticity of the works carried out by validating against the work being allotted
  • “Track and Trace” of NREGS funds flow to gain visibility into its deployment down the administrative hierarchy through to the wage seeker (value add beyond nonClonableID™Identity Authentication)

The solution will also provide seamless access to a single source of information resulting in improved planning, co-ordination, vigilance and decision making across the implementation hierarchy.

NREG Schemes Fund Flow Monitoring Application

  • Fund transfer and receipt entry at each handshake point in the fund devolution channel
  • Monitor fund devolution and utilization performance at different  hierarchical levels in the administration
  • Distinct visibility into flow of Central and State Government funds
  • Monitor Payment transfer from Gram Panchayat account to beneficiary accounts
  • Tighter monitoring of 40:60 material to labour fund utilization adherence

Powerful MIS and Reporting

  • Multi-dimensional drill down MIS reports
  • Role-based access rights
  • Flexible report (query based) download and print options
  • Beneficiary specific reports  (Employment History, Payment  History)
  •  Flexible download and print options for lists to be displayed at worksites or Gram Panchayat offices

Exception Alert Mechanism

  • Rule-based exception alerts for NREGA performance indicators
  • Employment guarantee adherence
  • Wage payment lead times
  • Authentication failure

The Bilcare NREGA Management Solution will deliver several benefits, in turn holding significant potential in bridging the current gap that exists between NREGA goals and its ground level translation.

Central Government

  • Plug NREGA funds leakage
  • Improve funds utilization at District / Block / Gram Panchayat level
  • Better visibility into NREGA implementation effectiveness

State Government

  • Enhanced visibility into devolution of funds in the state
  • Build more accountability/fear factor in the state’s implementation machinery

Wage seeker /Rural household

  • Assurance against exploitation with respect to  NREGA provided rights (empowerment)
  • Identity to rural BPL households
  • Security of payment / wage disbursement
  • Improved on-time payment of wages

Why nonClonableID™?
The solution’s direct benefits have long-lasting intangible takeaways to the Central Government, State Government and rural households. This would bring about the much required social change through tighter governance and increased transparency and accountability in the implementation of NREGA.


Salient Features

  • Tamper – evident nonClonableID™ Job Cards
  • nonClonableID™ tag reader
  • Remote Authentication and authentication location determination
  • System based authentication for employment allotment, worksite attendance, payment withdrawal
  • Local authentication through desktop/handheld terminal
  • Interoperability of core and backup authentication systems
  • Periodic batch replication of data (in servers) across hierarchies
  • Worksite master module
  • Employment allotment module
  • Employment Guarantee validation
  • Rule-based exception alerts
  • Document upload and Document Management