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Agrochemical counterfeiting is a serious global problem. Counterfeit products not only affect the agrochemical industry in terms of revenue loss but also cause crop damage, lower yields, and soil deterioration.

Counterfeit products also imply legal consequences for the manufacturer as the onus lies on the genuine manufacturer to prove that the counterfeit material does not belong to him.

Counterfeit products can enter the supply chain at many different points.  The available security technologies are not sufficient at the packaging level:

  • Holograms and barcodes are easy to reproduce.
  • Active RFID is too costly.
  • Covert inks and taggants – often need to be brought back to laboratory to analyze.

To protect against the increasing threat of counterfeiting, manufacturers need to adopt a holistic approach and build intelligence into the supply chain to prevent breaches right from the point-of-origin to the point-of-use.

Bilcare offers a comprehensive solution to combat counterfeiting through the implementation of its unique nonClonableID™ technology. Bilcare’s solution, developed  by combining Nanotechnology with Information Technology provides foolproof security at the product and supply chain level.

Salient Features of Our Solution

nonClonableID™ also provides e-Pedigree and secure track-n-trace capabilities. With increased visibility across the supply chain, consignments can be tracked down to individual SKUs.


Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • nonClonableID™ employs unique materials-based “fingerprints” that are prohibitively difficult to copy. The tamper-evident tags are irreproducible. They cannot be duplicated even by Bilcare.
  • Integrated as unit-level tags, nonClonableID™ enables real-time identification and authentication across the supply chain through "custom-made, hand-held" portable readers.
  • Secure track-and-trace prevents product diversion and counterfeiting.