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Meet Bilcare People



Alessandro Chiarioni

"I initially joined the company as a project student while on a nanotechnology and business Masters Course. What I admire most about Bilcare is that it is a cutting-edge technology company taking new and revolutionary technologies, ideas and processes to the market. I like the open, assertive and proactive culture and particularly enjoy the team work with people from different countries and diverse cultures; all focused on the same targets and same strategy.

But, the best thing about working at Bilcare is the fact that I am contributing to make the world safer for people."


Debopriya Gupta
Business Development Manager

"Working at Bilcare is exciting as one is exposed to newer challenges almost every day, which not only makes us think innovatively but also helps to bring the best out of us as a team. Bilcare is a learning organization with a strong and clear vision. What inspires me the most is that Bilcare has inculcated innovation as a part of its cultural fabric."


WenXiong Ye

"During my 4-year journey with Bilcare, there have always been new challenges, giving me wide exposure in various technologies as well as business aspects. What I enjoy the most about working at Bilcare is the friendly environment. We all work as a family to meet the company goal."