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How it works?


nonClonableID™ offers a bundled technological solution that enables product and supply chain security. The solution is affordable and adaptable to a diverse range of industry segments.

Salient Features of Our Solution


Salient Features of Our Solution

nonClonableID™ Tags: Comprising unique fingerprints manufactured out of composite micro and nanomaterials. These tags are manufactured under a strict quality-controlled environment by automatic machines and are 100% tamper-evident.

Readers: State-of-the-art robust readers are used to read nonClonableID™ tags and transmit the information securely through GPRS mobile phones or a computer network. Our readers can read and transmit barcode information and fingerprint data at the same time.

Most standard mobile phones available in the market having Bluetooth, GPRS and functioning on Symbian or Windows mobile operating systems can be used for this application. We provide software for use on phones, PDAs or personal computers/laptops.



Our Solutions span Brand Protection and Management, Secure Track-n-Trace, e-Pedigree, Secure IDs and Health Compliance solutions. Click here to learn more.


Key Features of nonClonableID™

  • A tamper-evident label comprising a unique materials-based “fingerprint” integrated with universally used overt serialisation systems such as barcodes.
  • The fingerprint is generated randomly and cannot be duplicated, even by Bilcare. This high level of security renders the entire system totally secure.
  • The fingerprint can be authenticated with a proprietary reader.
  • It can be easily integrated with any existing infrastructure and IT systems.
  • The reader scans the overt identification system along with the fingerprint, and communicates the encrypted information through the internet using a mobile phone or personal computer through protocols such as GPRS / 3G / Broadband to a secure signature server. The backend system then authenticates the label.
  • This technology can be seamlessly integrated with any existing identity and supply chain management system such as linear and 2D barcodes and RFIDs.

Bilcare has filed 15 patent applications in multiple countries worldwide and has already been granted patents in some territories.