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Holographic labels for IDs
Linear bar codes for IDs

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Identity & Authentication


Identity security and authentication are top security concerns for government agencies across the globe. With increasing instances of threats to national security, it is important to employ an anytime, anywhere, secure ID card authentication system.

While numerous security technologies exist, an intrinsic limitation of such technologies is that they are easy to reproduce.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ offers a fully secure fingerprint-based Positive Identity Management solution. The solution empowers stakeholders to securely identify and authenticate IDs along with secure track-and-trace in real-time.

The ID cards are secured by nonClonableID™ tags, which employ a unique materials-based “fingerprint” that is prohibitively difficult to copy (the fingerprint cannot be duplicated even by Bilcare). This makes the solution totally secure, thus preventing misuse and ensuring the bearer’s credibility.

Each nonClonableID™ tag has corresponding information stored in a secure server providing crucial data on duty timings and attendance records.

nonClonableID™ can be deployed across a wide array of scenarios:

  • Security Forces
  • Aviation Sector - Baggage tags
  • Surface Transportation – Driving Licenses


Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Real-time identification and authentication
  • Tamper-evident tags to alert of misuse/manipulation
  • Individual records stored in a remote server enabling real-time retrieval
  • Enhanced efficiency and time-management of personnel
  • Scalable to accommodate large number of users
  • Cost-efficient