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Securing IDs and access cards is an important aspect of an organization, concerning its people, critical information systems and access to facilities and other major assets. While numerous security technologies exist, an intrinsic limitation of such technologies is that they are easily clonable.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ offers a unique, fully secure and exclusive fingerprint-based Positive Identity Management solution. The solution empowers stakeholders to securely identify and authenticate IDs along with track-n-trace in real-time.

Our secure tags contain a micro and nanotechnology materials-based fingerprint. This makes the solution totally secure, as the fingerprint is generated randomly and not reproducible, even by Bilcare.

Foolproof Security
This unique feature of non-reproducibility of the fingerprint ensures total security of the system even under circumstances wherein parts of the system may get compromised.

Each tag has a unique fingerprint, ensuring conclusive employee authentication. The fingerprint can be authenticated with the help of a secure reader. The reader is a secure scanning device which can instantly scan the universally overt system along with the unique fingerprint and communicate the naturally generated encrypted image through any universal mobility platform like GPRS / 3G / Broadband to a secure fingerprint server and authenticate  any person or asset.

For more information on how nonClonableID™ can be used for your company’s Security Access concerns, please contact us at


Salient Features

  • Cost-effective solution with no compromise on security.
  • Easy to integrate with universally used overt systems like barcodes and RFID tags.
  • Can enhance the security features of biometric systems.
  • Quick authentication of people or assets with tracking and data retrieval.