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Corporate Fact Sheet




One-stop Solution for Track & Trace and Authentication

Bilcare is focused on
creating next-generation
security and brand
protection solutions for a
broad range of industry

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Primary Pack -

Secure Track & Trace Solution compliant with DGFT & MoHFW notifications

Bilcare provides pre-printed non-clonable tags of size 12x12 mm
linking with GTIN and Unique Serial Number.

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Solution for Agrochemicals

Agrochemical counterfeiting is a serious global problem. The scale and scope of the illegal manufacture and trade of counterfeit pesticides differs from market to market.

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Authentication for Museum & Heritage Artifacts

As museums continue to digitize their art collections, it becomes increasingly easier for
artwork to be forged.

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Authentication Solution for Currency Management

With increase in counterfeiting of currency across countries, there is a vital need for strengthening the security features of currency and gaining assurance of authenticity.

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Brand Protection & Security of Engineering Components

Counterfeit components have long been a problem in the engineering and automotive components industry.

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Brand Protection & Security of Fashion & Luxury Goods

While consumers may find counterfeit merchandise a cheap and easy alternative, they
do not understand the enormous ramifications of buying counterfeits.

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Card Authentication & Security Forces Duty Management

Today’s security imperatives demand secured real-time authentication and management of personnel.

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Medical Product

With the help of technology, counterfeiters are becoming more sophisticated and capable thus making their fake goods hard to detect.

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Document Authentication
for Properties

The Property Sector boom in India and the resulting exponential growth in registration volumes have also led to an increase in property related fraud and fake/illegal transactions.

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a global problem

Counterfeiting is a growing problem and affects almost all sectors including pharmaceuticals, auto parts, and luxury goods.

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