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Bilcare offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions that cater to the needs of a wide range of industries.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ is aimed at authenticating products in real-time and safeguarding the brand reputation of clients. The solution can also provide quick authentication of people and assets.

Government Security
Create an irreproducible identity of an individual or facility which can be aptly used by Security departments or integrated with various e-Governance initiatives.  Deploy an impregnably secured solution to eliminate potential chances of impersonation and faking.
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Defend your products against the complex threat of counterfeiting and diversion, increase supply chain security and build healthcare compliance.
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Medical Compliance
Ensures patient compliance and authenticity of a drug in the clinical trial phase
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Prevents counterfeiting of agrochemicals and ensures that farmers only buy the right and authenticated products. As a result, the farmer gets value for money and this prevents the rampant counterfeiting of agrochemical products.
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Automotive & Engineering
Secure your products and components against counterfeiting and protect their flow through the supply chain with unparalleled visibility and real-time authentication.
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Financial Security
Safeguard financial documents, including currency, credit & debit cards and financial documents from forgery
and misuse
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Art & Heritage
Serving national interests by safeguarding valuable art/artefacts and ensuring that there is no misuse,
theft or fraud
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Fashion & Luxury
Safeguard your brand, reputation and revenues from counterfeits by authenticating each product, and gaining more visibility across distribution channels.
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