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To combat the growing counterfeiting epidemic, pharmaceutical companies worldwide are increasingly moving towards drug e-Pedigree.

An electronic pedigree (e-pedigree) details the path and ownership of a drug as it moves through the supply chain, in which each stakeholder involved in the manufacture or distribution of the drug adds to the pedigree.

Using its nonClonableID™ solution, Bilcare provides cost-effective and proven e-Pedigree solutions for ensuring transactional security and product authenticity. Our solution enables pharmaceutical and food companies, for example, to maintain an electronic record of the trail that confirms the origin of a product.

The unique authentication features of our solution make the e-Pedigree more secure as it establishes the genuineness of the item being tracked when it is authenticated.

We combine the foolproof security of our nonClonableID™ technology with information-capturing expertise to authenticate products as they move through the supply chain from the warehouse to the consumer. Our solution ensures that the pharmaceutical industry can comply with pedigree requirements being set by regulatory agencies to strengthen the integrity of the healthcare supply chain.

Our solutions enhance business value by providing crucial data related to the product and ensure that crucial e-Pedigree information can be shared with regulators where required. With nonClonableID™ , the consumer is also assured that the product has been sourced from a genuine manufacturer.

For more information on how nonClonableID™ can be used for your company’s e-Pedigree concerns, please contact us at


Salient Features

  • Enables verification of the authenticity of a product any time prior to final dispensing to the end-consumer/patient.
  • e-Pedigree enables quick  product recalls where required.
  • Can help reduce product diversion.