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Smart Devices

Technology has a habit of converging – a tendency that can play an important role in anti-counterfeiting, logistics and compliance in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries.

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Value Proposition for Property Registration

Outlines how Bilcare’s nonClonableTM deliverS an innovative that addresses issues of counterfeit title and property documents.

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Perils of non-controlled open-ended supply chain

Focuses on the counterfeiting challenges in Indian pharma industry due to an open-ended and uncontrolled supply chain.

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Sustainable growth through an effective compliance model

A model that empowers patients to manage their medication regimen, increase brand loyalty and sustain growth for the brand owner.

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Anti-counterfeit Packaging Technologies

The primary objective of this report is to provide the industry member organizations a reference document for implementation of effective anti-counterfeit solutions.

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Deploying Technology to Fight Counterfeiting

Counterfeiters are becoming increasingly sophisticated and it is important to be equipped with the right technology to fight this menace.

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IBM : The Supply Chain of the Future

In the course of our research for IBM’s inaugural Global Chief Supply Chain Officer Study, we conducted interviews with nearly 400 senior executives from 25 countries.

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Tagging Premium Products

Premium products in the fashion and luxury sector can be protected from counterfeiting by using our nonClonableID™ tags and customer loyalty cards.

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nonClonableID™ Reader SX21 User Manual

The nonClonableID™ Reader SX21 has been designed to provide state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting protection.

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Solution Providers Protecting Your Brand

Counterfeit products of all kinds are a global cause for concern. Today’s counterfeit products are created using highly sophisticated technology and can be unrecognizable from the original product.

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nonClonableID™ for the Banking Domain

Fake debit cards, cash cards, and credit cards are a serious problem both for consumers and issuing banks.

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nonClonableID™ - A Technology Brief

Our solution gives objects unique “fingerprints”. This provides an extremely powerful tool for preventing counterfeiting, parallel marketing or simply for product tracking.

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Supply Chain Usage

Our solution is based on over five years of intensive research and development. Our research has allowed us to deploy technology to uniquely identify items of value.

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