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Embrace™ Compliance

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Patient Compliance


Non-compliance, the situation where patients do not take the drugs as prescribed in the regimen by the medical practitioner, is a serious worldwide issue, especially in the case of chronic diseases.

Often, patients miss taking the dose completely or not take it at the right time or in the right quantity, leading to lower effectiveness of the medicine.

This has enormous consequences for the patient who may move from domiciliary treatment to a hospital or to an ICU or even result in a fatality. Similarly, this could affect the image of the doctor, the prescribed drug as well as the hospital. Finally, this could result in higher costs for the whole system, from the patient to the insurer.

Bilcare's nonClonableID™ can significantly enhance medical compliance by the simple act of patients swiping the blister with a nonClonableID™ label every time they consume the drug. Simultaneously this could be compared with the prescribed regimen, enabling alerts to the patient, the caregiver, close relatives, the Doctor and even the insurer.

Bilcare provides comprehensive medical compliance solutions through its patient-friendly Embrace™ kit. Our solution enables patients and caregivers alike to keep track of medications and doses, while the highly secure IT system enables compliance reporting.

Blister Packs that have unique nonClonableID™ tags

Pocket reader for swiping the blister pack, so that crucial medical information can be relayed to the patient or care-giver.

Efficient Medical Compliance:
The Embrace™ compliance kit consists of security tagged blister pack labels that can be swiped through a Pocket Reader to display crucial medical information on a phone or computer. This alerts the patient or caregiver to take/provide medications on time, thus ensuring completion of course and total compliance of the prescribed treatment.

The blister packs are tagged with Bilcare’s tamper-evident security labels. This authenticates the medicine as being from the genuine manufacturer.

Each time the patient swipes the blister pack, information is passed through secure servers and stored in a powerful database. Embrace™ timestamps each event and maintains records that can be used to improve patient care and allow proper analysis of treatment given. This gives greater visibility to the care provider.

For more information on how Embrace ™ can be used for your compliance concerns, please contact us at


Salient Features

  • Enhances medication adherence for patients and caregivers:
    • Helps old and critically ill people take their medications on time.
    • Allows a relative or care giver to administer medications whenever necessary.
  • Enables quick diagnosis of cause of ineffectual treatments.
  • Enables dosages to be optimized and reduces switching between treatments.
  • Maintains patient log, providing clearer understanding of the course.
  • Ensures authenticity of medicines.
  • Provides details on expiry and recommended dosage of the drug.
  • Links brand owner to manufacturer/pharmacist.
  • Cost-effective solution, applicable on all dosage forms (solid/liquid).