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The increase in counterfeiting of currency and financial documents poses a serious danger to economies and consumers. Considering the threat that counterfeiting has on the economy, governments of various nations have recognized the imperative need to combat it.

As the volume of counterfeit currency notes in the system increases, there is a vital need for strengthening the security features and gaining assurance of authenticity.

Current currency denominations and financial documents have covert security features (watermark, security thread, optically variable ink etc.) which require human intervention for detection and authentication. This leaves a window for human error. Feature checking requires either diverse equipments or continued awareness campaigns and knowledge retention by the masses to ascertain the presence/absence of features.

Safeguard financial interests with real-time authentication

Bilcare offers a comprehensive solution to combat counterfeiting through the implementation of its unique nonClonableID™ technology.

nonClonableID™ employs unique materials-based tags that are prohibitively difficult to copy. These tamper-evident tags are irreproducible and cannot be duplicated even by Bilcare.

The solution enables real-time identification and authentication of the nonClonableID™ tags through custom-made hand-held portable readers.


Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Innovative security solution for protecting vital documents and currency from counterfeiting.
  • Anytime, Anywhere, e-authentication using Bilcare readers thus enabling quick and simple detection of original and counterfeits at multiple places in real-time.
  • Progressively reduce and finally eliminate counterfeits leading to substantial economic benefits to all stakeholders viz. Banks, Traders and Citizens.
  • Re-assess usage of multiple security features on currency and subsequent cost optimization.
  • Real-time exceptions report occurrences of counterfeit currency for subsequent action