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Fashion & Luxury


Counterfeiting in the Fashion and Luxury industry causes huge losses, directly in terms of lost business and indirectly in terms of damage to brand reputation.

The branded luxury goods and fashion industry is particularly hard-hit by this global menace. Unlike theft, counterfeiting not only cuts into sales but also erodes the image and brand of the company not to mention the consumer confidence.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ offers innovative anti-counterfeiting solutions for authenticating products.

Salient Features of Our Solution

Why nonClonableID™?
Our nonClonableID™ security technology provides each product with a unique tamper-evident, materials-based fingerprint that helps to authenticate the product throughout the supply chain in real-time.  A combination of overt and covert features provide fool-proof security that can be applied to a diverse range of elements in the Brand Pedigree – identity, authenticity and comprehensive management.

Solution Offering

We customize our brand protection solutions and their implementation based on your product range and business needs.

Whether you need a solution for the entire supply chain or for selected elements, our consulting-led approach ensures you get the most advanced and relevant solution for your specific requirements.


Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Product can be authenticated at any point in the distribution system, including point of sale.
  • Convinces the customer about the genuineness of the product.
  • Increase supply chain security and secure Track-n-Trace restrict the entry of fake products.
  • Database records facilitate tracking and stock-taking.
  • Enables monitoring and audit of contract manufacturers’ facilities to prevent misuse or product diversion.