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IBM - The Supply Chain
CII Report

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Secure Track-n-Trace


In the complex global supply chain, products and information change hands multiple times with each operation open to risk and diversion.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ provides a base for a secure supply chain. It helps to secure Track-n-Trace, thus helping companies maintain a high level of security, reduce risks  and improve supply chain performance.

Salient Features of Our Solution

Enhancing Supply Chain Accountability
The solution provides secure Track-n-Trace by authenticating products using the product serial number and unique materials-based fingerprint. The database maintains a record each time a product is verified and creates an audit trail.

Bilcare’s nonClonableID™ ensures a high level of supply chain security, thus making track-n-trace secure, meaningful and accurate. As a result, the data from the supply chain is also secure.

For more information on how nonClonableID™ can be used for your company’s Track-n-Trace concerns, please contact us at


Salient Features

  • Increased supply chain security, brand and asset protection.
  • Ensures e-Pedigree compliance.
  • Higher visibility of products through the supply chain.
  • Enables product authentication and recall management.
  • Prevents counterfeiting by restricting entry of counterfeits into the supply chain.