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Counterfeiting is a major safety concern in the automotive industry. Huge influx of counterfeit products is causing global automotive companies to lose market volume apart from affecting their brand reputation, leading to loss of revenue. Furthermore, poor quality counterfeit products are compromising the safety of consumers.

Over the years, counterfeiters have exploited vulnerabilities in the supply chain to introduce fake parts in legitimate channels, while authentic components are being siphoned off for gray market sale. As a result, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier 1 & 2 suppliers need to maintain a high level of control in the supply chain to prevent counterfeit parts from entering the system.

Bilcare's nonClonableID™ delivers cost-effective solutions to prevent counterfeiting.

Salient Features of Our Solution

Why nonClonableID™?
Security solutions currently available for spare parts use serial numbers, holograms and bar codes that are effortlessly duplicated. nonClonableID™ uses an irreproducible tag, comprising of a unique pattern of randomly distributed nano micro particles, analogous to a material fingerprint for each component. To check the authenticity of products the tag is swiped in a hand held reader.

Through a GPRS/Internet/3G Network, the reader communicates with the back end server which is pre-loaded with the database of the material pattern. At the back end server the material pattern is compared and a suitable communication is sent back which can be viewed on a mobile phone or a PC. 

Post authentication further details can be fetched such as the date of manufacturing, destination of the products to be sold and warranty. Most importantly, nonClonableID™ provides the manufacturer and distributor with increased visibility in the supply chain.

Solution Offering

Through our innovative technology and client-centric approach we provide you the best in brand protection solutions. Bilcare offers consultancy services to OEMs and component manufacturers to help evaluate their security needs.  We offer a tailored approach to align technology, processes & people and provide solutions that best fit your business needs.

Our nonClonableID™ technology has been successfully deployed in the Asian auto component industry to combat counterfeiting. To learn more about how the client has benefited from our anti-counterfeiting solution click here.


Benefits of nonClonableID™

  • Product verification at any point in the distribution system, including point of sale.
  • Increased supply chain security and secure track-n-trace prevents product diversion and entry of fake products.
  • Each component has information stored in a powerful database, facilitating tracking of stock supply.
  • Customers authenticate the product in real-time to confirm genuineness.
  • Helps dealers handle warranty claims better.